Cooperative Creativity

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift and historical moment of designing the next tech architecture that will drive evolution. Evolution happens when a critical mass of human consciousness comes to consensus. Consensus happens from individual belief in the narratives that spread most widely.

The tech stack of the last 4000+ years under patriarchy was designed with an architecture that optimized for a self-appointed ‘elite’ class and has resulted in exclusion and suffering for other beings from the resulting economic inequality, climate crisis, political instability, and threat of nuclear annihilation.

Our invitation at this pivotal time is to be in conversation. This is a curated collection of narratives, a manifesto, that points to a loving and optimistic future for technology and humanity – with practical applications in the real world. By sharing these open design systems, and highlighting and inviting thought leadership around them, we take one step closer to defining that next narrative – together.

Technologies & Systems Covered:
  • Limited Cooperative Associations (LCAs) / Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) / Cooperatives / Resource Networks / Credit Unions / Community Land Trusts / Public Banking / Open-source projects
  • Tokenized ownership
  • Smart contracts for decision making
  • Decentralized record keeping
  • Transparent governance (voting / proposals)
  • Treasury as a social safety net / Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  • Public goods / Participatory budgeting / Quadratic funding / Access to Funding
  • Exploration of other ideologies including: Solidarity economics, Participatory economics, resource-based economy, local economies, left accelerationism etc.

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